3/11/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host: Jean Silverberg
News Host: Robert Easley
Producer: Ron Thums

3/10/2014 Bop Street

INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY – A Couple of Days Late and More Than a Few Dollars Short – in the Land of the Round Haircut……

3/10/2014 Rockin' In Rhythm

Enjoyed having the guys from HAPA on during the first hour.

3/10/2014 The Morning Blend
3/10/2014 Fused Funk LADIES NIGHT
3/9/2014 Songs Of Praise
3/7/2014 Sugar Shop
3/7/2014 The Morning Blend

Hosts: Yvette Howie, Michael Cyrs, Bryan Treichel
Guests: Kelly Yemen
Programs: Cinema Shanty
Reporters: Rico Morales, Kathie Smith, John Moret, Jumondeh Tweh, Paul Brohaugh

3/6/2014 The Rockhouse
3/6/2014 Blueslady's Time Machine

Sub-Hosted by Miguel Vargas