The Return of Wain McFarlane & Friends in Another Configuration of Jahz.

All I can say is Wain McFarlane is truly a talented musical genius! Listen to this show and don't forget, this group has never played together before. Every number was done on the fly orchestrated by Maestro McFarlane.

More music, less talk today.

Played a lot of music by the Hillbilly Voodoo Dolls as a musical tribute to our friend Paul Manske, who passed away earlier this week. Also some Johnny Otis and Etta James.

Lots of rockin’ stuff plus new releases by Lincoln Durham and Martin Zellar & The Hardways.

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Today’s show starts off celebrating the contribution Antonio Carlos Jobim (Brasil) gave to the world – on the anniversary of his birth.

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A tribute this week to the great Johnny Otis.

Dynamite Sunday morning wake-up Gospel.

Grand Diva delivered a special musical tribute to the late and GREAT Etta James who lost her health battle yesterday. The memories and legend of Etta James will live on forever within all of our hearts. May Etta rest in peace.

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