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A tribute this week to the great Johnny Otis.

Dynamite Sunday morning wake-up Gospel.

Grand Diva delivered a special musical tribute to the late and GREAT Etta James who lost her health battle yesterday. The memories and legend of Etta James will live on forever within all of our hearts. May Etta rest in peace.

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Guest host,Lydia Howell. Her regular KFAI show is CATALYST:politics & culture, Thursdays, 9am

Our First Polka Show!

"Live From Studio 5!" scours the Earth to bring you varied genres of entertainment and this week it's The Brass Barn Polka Band. Who knows, some day we'll even have Opera! But this week Polka music fills the airwaves from Studio 5. Check it out, these guys are very S-M-O-O-O-T-H.