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SPRING PLEDGE DRIVE in the Land of the Round Haircut!

Week one of this Spring’s pledge drive.

Many thanks to Melinda “J” and Minister Thomas Bady for coming in and pledge rapping with me for Songs of Praise. Thanks also to Pam Hill for all of her support and assistance.

SPECIAL Thank You’s to those who helped with pledge wrapping today: Dave McKay, BIG Marc, Ivy, Janis and Melinda J. Also thank you to our wonderful phone answerers: Jackie, Dave McKay, and Vern. And a SPECIAL Thank YOU to those who called in their pledges today, THANK YOU!!

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Blue Soul Caravan

Alex Goldfarb and Leela Bergerud create soulful music that simultaneously inspires and calms. Their original compositions weave together bluegrass, Americana and mantras to elevate one's heart and spirit. On this show they were joined by his daughter Cayla on the ukelele. (The "baby" guitar.)