8-9am: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Hosted by John Kane of “Let’s Talk Native…With John Kane” out of WWKB-Amherst, NY. The 13th Session of the UNPFII met from May 12 – 23 in New York City. As a columnist for the Two Row Times newspaper, Kane was able to get UN accreditation as a media rep to attend this otherwise non-public event. This program will speak about the significant accomplishments or lack of them from this UN event.

7-8am: Cowboys & Indians - Music Inspired By The Keystone Pipeline

Hosted by Laura Waterman Wittstock. Comments about the Keystone pipeline will be interspersed with Pow Wow and Country music: honor song and old time pow wow music along with older country and western tunes popular with cowboys and Indians.

5/29/2014 The Morning Blend

No Morning Blend today – it was preempted by a special day of programming – Turtle Island: Voices Rising.

6-7am: Aabitoose - Inter-Generational Activism

Winona LaDuke speaks with elders Faith Spotted Eagle and Tantoo Cardinal and with youth Bridgette DePape and Winona Vizenor. Faith Spotted Eagle works for the Braveheart Society, and has been busy burying her ancestors who have been rising from the Missouri River for the past 15 year. Spotted Eagle has been working with the Yankton Lakota Nation to assert treaty rights, along with federal law to shut down the Missouri River for ceremonial purposes.

LaDuke also visits with Winona Vizenor, a recent graduate from Minneapolis South High and advocate for the All Nations program, which is designed to connect American Indian students with their traditional cultures. South High discriminated against All Nations program by preventing them from drumming or smudging within the school. Winona Vizenor worked with students to plan a walk-out with All Nations students to demand respect after a race riot broke out between Ameircan Indian and Somali students. Vizenor and the students were successful in their efforts, and All Nations students got their rights back.

Bridgette DePape is a young woman Winona LaDuke met on the Tar Sands Healing Walk and former paige for the Canadian Parliament, who interrupted Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Throne Speech with a sign that said “STOP HARPER.” The tar sands are the largest industrial project in human history, and are centered in Ft. McMurray, Alberta. Cree and Metis actor Tantoo Cardinal grew up in Ft. McMurray, and can’t even return home because of the environmental destruction. Cardinal talks about growing up with tar sands development in the 1960s, when oil workers began to arrive and immediately began to destroy sacred places, medicines, and cultural resources. Despite tar sands developments, the connection between generations past, present, and future is strengthening and Red Nations people are uniting to defend Mother Earth.

5-6am: Idle No More Indigenous Report

Hosted by Patricia Shepard. Idle No More discusses treaties, environmental issues and an array of different topics which are related to local and international news involving Native and First Nations in the United States and Canada.

12-3am: Turtle Island Voices Rising

Hosted by Charlie Thayer of KFAI’s Homegrown Hip-Hop Radio, presenting an eclectic array of Indigenous Music

5/28/2014-Click on "Episode Details" to hear the best edit of this show.

5/28/2014 House Party
5/28/2014 Freewheelin'

A ton of music for your ears.

5/28/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: : David Cummings
News Host: Robert Easley
Producer: Mike Fischbein