New, old, used and abused. A few advance tracks, some dusty pulled off the shelves.  Typical Freewheelin' playlist.

Afro-Andean dance music, music from Argentina & Brasil – pertaining to recent film screenings @ 35th Annual MSP Int'l. Film Fest (

Next I follow up with music from another former Portuguese colony, Angola.  From Samba to Semba… including a Congolese dance version… ending this week's program with a new release from Cumbancha – Lakou Mizik's "Wa Di Yo", out of Haiti !

See play list below

BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE From the Land of the Round Haircut for The Man Who Put the Louie in 'Louie Louie' RICHARD BERRY, Country and Western Royalty LORETTA LYNN, Jazz Immortal HERBIE HANCOCK,  and JOHN KAY of Steppenwolf, along with a Remembrance of MERLE HAGGARD….