World Music

6/25/2007 Sangam

Najma, Naghmana, Rabi, Annie, Sheila, Surkh, Black Star Liner, Evolution, Mahatma T, Asian Dub Foundation, Rizwan-Muazzam and the Temple of Sound, Shankar and MacLaughlin jamming, and the Brothers Amanat Ali singing for D.

6/25/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
6/24/2007 Century Song

Today we listen to the great North Indian sitarist, Shahid Parviz. The raga we heard was recorded back in May 1999, a part of the Indian Music Society of Minnesota archive.

In second hour we Norwegian hardanger fiddler, Karen Solgard. We had live music and conversation about the music and history of this fiddle found in Norway.

6/23/2007 Caribbean Jam

Titles with ** Indicates New Releases

6/23/2007 Sabados Alegres
6/22/2007 Radio Antilles

All Thanks to Tony Paul of KFAI’s Shake n Bake for covering the 6/22/07 edition of Radio Antilles. You can check out Shake n Bake at

6/22/2007 Fubar Omniverse
6/21/2007 African Rhythms
6/20/2007 International Jazz Conspiracy

celebrating the music of bill dixon

6/20/2007 Bonjour Minnesota