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11/18/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
11/18/2007 Filipino American National News
11/18/2007 Encuentro
11/18/2007 Century Song

Today we took a trip up the Gypsy or Rom Road. We began in Rajastan India with music for Morcheng or Jews Harp (World Music Library), followed by another tune from Rajastan by the group Maharaja from the soundtrack to Gypsy Caravan (World Village), we heard from Transylvanian fiddler, Neti Sandor (Artisjus), Gypsies of Hungary (Fonti Musicali), Musicians of the Nile from Egypt (Realworld), Flamenco great, Carmen Linares (Ethnic), Taraf de Haidouks of Romania (Nonesuch), we also heard a few tracks from Khamoro, the World Roma Festival from Prague (Radio Servis), and Vera Bila from the Czech Gypsy tradition (Tinder), French Manouche guitarist, Moreno (Al Sur), Hungarian Cimbalom wizard, Kalman Balogh and his Gypsy Cimbalom Band live in Germany (Traditional Crossroads), and the Kocani Orkestar from Macedonia (Ryko), We also heard music from local musicians, Norah Rendell and Brian Miller (Own label), Laura Mackenzie (own label), Daithi Sproule (live recording), Dick Hensold (Ten Thousand Lakes), and also music from Ralph Stanley (Columbia), and Paddy Keenan with Tommy O’Sullivan (Hot Conya Records).

11/17/2007 Sangam
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