World Music

7/4/2007 Echo Chamber

Lots of new stuff, pretty new stuff, and recent re-releases in the Echo Chamber this week. Among the new items – The Technician’s Tribute to Paulette Peterson Dub (#1), composed in loving memory of a friend and bandmate taken so very early in life, and the middle eastern dub sounds of Fedayi Pacha’s new The 99 Names of Dub (on Hammerbass).

7/3/2007 Corazon Latino

Canciones de patria, de la esencia de la tierra de uno, con algunos cantos revolucionarios/ Songs of the homeland, of its essence, with some revolutionary songs

7/3/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

We heard a lot of artists from upcoming tours this morning—outside of the usual mid-week concert run-down in the 8:00 hour. We heard from Rasputina, The Verve (as they issue a new record in the fall followed on by a UK tour that I hope crosses the pond!), Patti Smith, The Flaming Lips, and a mini-Winnipeg peek with Boom Pam, Los Lobos and That 1 Guy. I can’t wait to hear what Nathan thinks of him when Nathan joins us July 10th with a Winnipeg wrap-up!

7/2/2007 Jet Set Planet

Blast Off to the Molokai Bar!

7/2/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
7/1/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
7/1/2007 Filipino American National News
7/1/2007 Century Song

Today we heard shamisen music from the Yoshida Brothers (Doma), Flamenco from Fernanda de Utera(RTV), village music from the Turkos Ensemble of Hungary (Folk-Europa), Dance tunes from Mazandaran, Iran (Mahoor), classical mugam from Azerbaijan by Aqakhan Abdullaev (Inedit), music from the Mbira of Zimbabwe by Ephat Mujuru (Music of the World), North Indian vocalist, Lakshmi Shankar (Ocora), Music from local Chinese composer, Zhang Ying (own label), oldtime autoharp music (Smithsonian), music from the latest live recording by Finnish group, Frigg, Irish tunes from Beoga (Compass), and Paul Brock with Enda Scahill (Compass), tunes from the latest recording of Vasen dedicated to music and times of Linnaeus (Northside), a tune from Scottish singer, Kris Drever (Compass),music from Czech singer/guitarist, Sui Vesan (Global Village), and finnishing off with Irish pipe music from Michael Cooney (Gortnahoe Productions)

6/30/2007 Caribbean Jam


6/30/2007 Sabados Alegres