World Music

7/31/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

Big thanks go to Steve and Heidi from DEMO: for getting up early on Tuesday and celebrating local music and Patti Smith. DEMO in conjunction with the Hennepin Theatre Trust: present Patti Smith at the State Theatre Monday, August 6th. Also very big thanks to Andy who put together a great show while I was out of town, including a tribute to beloved poet, teacher and artist Sekou Sundiata. Hug your loved ones.

7/30/2007 Jet Set Planet

I buried Paul.

7/30/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
7/29/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
7/29/2007 Filipino American National News
7/29/2007 Encuentro

La lista con la información de todas las piezas includas en este programa se encuentra al final de este texto.

7/29/2007 Century Song

Today we began with music from Bohemia with a folk ballad by Musica Bohemica (Supraphon), and followed with music from Epirus, Greece by the Halkias Family Orchestra(Ethnic Folk Arts), and then two tracks from the French Canadian group La Bottine Souriante (Mille Pattes), Gamelan music from the Vilage of Pengosekan, Bali (Vital Records), Sufi music from Iran by Shahram Nazeri and his tanbur ensemble (Quartertone), Kamencheh music from Lorestan (Mahoor), and a set of slides by Sean O’Driscoo (Castle View).

In the second hour we had Gypsy jazz music with in studio guests, Honeysuckle Rose. We also heard a couple of tracks from their CD ( We finished with Ethiopian Spiritual music by Yilma Woldemedhen.

7/28/2007 Sangam
7/28/2007 Caribbean Jam


7/28/2007 Sabados Alegres