World Music

7/18/2007 International Jazz Conspiracy

Peruvian Guitarist Andres Prado

7/18/2007 Global Beat

Orchestra Baobab leads to musicians of the former African colonies of Portugal onto Central American artist Andy Palacio from Belize Guatemala and Brasilian women. I ended with local spoken word artist Desdamona’s new release The Source.

7/18/2007 Echo Chamber

Tonight the Echo Chamber presented a full hour of The Drastics: recorded live (by Turntable Terrorist) at Martyrs in Chicago last April. On top of this, Swiss and StrangeDub took a Trip to the Moon as we paid tribute to the Apollo 11 moon landing (July 20, 1969) playing a bunch of material with lunar and space themes…or at least titles.

7/17/2007 Corazon Latino

From the roots—Cuban Orixas/ Gods and Goddesses that came from West Africa with the Yoruba people—to latter-day music they influenced from artist such as Chucho Valdes, Bola de Nieve, Cachaito, Abbilona, Jerry Gonzalez, Francisco Cespedes and many more. Special guest Wallace Hill puts it all in context and explains the special meaning and role of the Bata drum.

7/17/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

We heard new releases from Mark Olson, LA songwriter Alison Subol working under the name A Fine Frenzy, UK band Stateless (not out in the US yet), and The Chemical Brothers (just released). We were also joined in the 8:00 hour by Donna Miller, community mover and shaker, and chair of the Rondo Days: celebration. Next week (July 24th), Andy will bring us great music all morning as I travel down to Texas. He has great taste in music, so it will be a lot of fun!

7/16/2007 Jet Set Planet

Weights, Skates, and Mr. Handyman. Your Man at the Bailey Building jiggles the switches, adjusts the weights, and fiddles with knobs — and gets the Jet (and the turntables) back on the runway, just in time for take off… phew!

7/16/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
7/15/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
7/15/2007 Filipino American National News
7/15/2007 Century Song

We began today’s show with music from the Taiga, Russia with the Wolga Balalaika Ensemble (Arc), we then heard music from the great Armenian Ud master, Richard Hagopian (Arc), then music from the Kaiapo Indians of Brazil (Gallo), Trance music from Moroccan Gnawan musician Hassan Hakmoun (Triloka), music from A Hawk and a Hacksaw with the Hun Hangar Ensemble (Leaf), A song from the Finnish epic the Kalevala (Ondine), music from the Turkish Bektasi Sufis (Mariposa), Dance music from Loristan, Iran (Mahoor), music from Algerian Kabyle Berber, El Hasnoui (AAA), and Gypsy music from the Kocani Orchestra (Arc).

In the second hour we heard and interview with South Indian veena queen, Nirmala Rajaseka. The music was recorded in her basement with Srini on Mridangam, and Balaji on Ghatam, included were a couple tracks from her new recording Song of the Veena (Innova).