World Music

7/25/2007 International Jazz Conspiracy

italian alto saxophonist mario schiano

7/25/2007 Global Beat

A return to the Southside Midtown Exchange Global Market presented an opportunity for some hot music in a cool location. Check out what was played on Global Beat !

7/25/2007 Echo Chamber

Tonight the Echo Chamber presented our annual All-Jamaican Special — celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence, and In Memoriam for Robert, my late father-in-law who passed away 8 years ago on July 27th. So, this All-Jamaican celebration we like to call One Fe Robert.

7/24/2007 Corazon Latino

Music from Peru in honor of its Independence Day on July 28th, followed by Mexico to Minnesota: Songs of Immigration with Ramon Serrano

7/24/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

Andy filling in for Pam on a hot Tuesday morning. Weather and breakfast themed sets (duh!), an in depth exploration of the work of Joe Henry, and a tribute to poet/performer/philosopher Sekou Sundiata who died last week at the age of 58.

7/23/2007 Jet Set Planet

Glen empties his pockets and all he has is Chump Change.

7/23/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
7/22/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
7/22/2007 Filipino American National News
7/22/2007 Century Song

For the first hour we listened to a concert from the great Irish band, Altan.

Finishing out the show we heard music from Java (Nonesuch), Gypsy Manouche music of France from Moreno (Al Sur), followed by music from Sardinia by Spaccanapoli (Real World), A Korean folk song (JVC), music from Serbia, Yugoslavia (Rounder), a French ballad by Jean-Francois Dutertre (Buda), a few tracks from the new recording by Aly Bain of the Shetland Islands and Ale Moller of Sweden (Northside).