World Music

10/15/2007 Jet Set Planet

Adios to pledge drive and a return to regular programming.

10/15/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
10/15/2007 Kinda Cloudy Radio

traditional roots- classic, rare, modern soul- latin funk- disco mix reggae rockers

10/14/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
10/14/2007 Filipino American National News
10/14/2007 Encuentro

La lista con la información de todas las piezas musicales incluidas en este programa se encuentra al final de este texto.

10/14/2007 Century Song

Today we listened to music of the Javanese Gamelan by Gending-Gending Klenengan (Keraton), followed by Lebanon’s great Oud master Marcel Khalife from his latest release, Taqasim (connecting cultures) and music from North Indian violinist, Kala Ramnath.

During the second hour we had live music from guests Nora Rendall on Irish flute and vocals and Brian Miller on guitar. We finished with by Vaclav Trojan with music for Czech animated films (Supraphon).

10/13/2007 Sangam
10/13/2007 Caribbean Jam

TITLES WITH ** INDICATES NEW RELEASES—Thank You To All My Wonderful Listeners who Pledged you Support,to Caribbean Jam during our Fall Pledge drive,you made it a Success and we love you for that.Keep Supporting Community Radio At It’s Best.One Love

10/13/2007 Sabados Alegres