World Music

4/12/2008 Sangam
4/12/2008 Caribbean Jam

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge today,you make up happen and we definately appreciate it.Tell someone how wonderful it is to become a part of this great Radio Family.

4/12/2008 Sabados Alegres
4/11/2008 Radio Antilles

Pledge Drive edition – Thanks to all who pledged KFAI during the Spring, 2008 drive.

4/11/2008 Fubar Omniverse
4/10/2008 African Rhythms
4/9/2008 Global Beat
4/9/2008 Echo Chamber

Spring Pledge Drive time at KFAI and the doctors of dub mixed up quite a sonic stew of drum and bass… In fact we lead off with the bass — Lead With the Bass III: on Universal Egg that is. Also featured were the Love Grocer:, Trevor The Technician McKenzie (with vocalist Scott White), Brian Bender the World Beatniks, and Togetha Brotha Sound System.

4/8/2008 Corazon Latino