World Music

4/23/2008 Global Beat
4/23/2008 Echo Chamber

Tonight we re-broadcast the now famous 2nd annual Around the World in 20+ Dubs special, originally broadcast on April 4, 2008 on Echo Beach: (WLUW-FM, Chicago). This brainchild of TurntableTerrorist (Terry C.) featured dubs and dub-influenced tracks from 23 countries around the globe.

4/22/2008 Corazon Latino

Dia de la Tierra/ Earth Day

4/22/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

Duncan Maitland: and Fran King: were back in town to play dates in the Twin Cities. These gentlemen from Ireland do seemless harmonies on each other’s songs, and make creating a perfect pop song seem so easy. You know it’s not, but they work so well together that it seems so. Be sure to catch them live when you have the chance again, and look forward to hearing more from them on KFAI.

4/21/2008 Jet Set Planet


4/21/2008 The Shake and Bake Show
4/21/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

DJ Jared sits in and trades sets: afro jazz- soundtrack/spy movie themes- soul funk- interstellar moog- heavy reggae

4/20/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
4/20/2008 Filipino American National News