World Music

6/25/2008 Echo Chamber

So much new dub…and only so much time. New releases just in from: Dub In A Nutshell, Eating Betty, All India Radio, Dub Terror, Trevor The Technician McKenzie, Clive Hunt the Dub Dancers, Faya Horns Meet Mad Professor Joe Ariwa, and even Augustus Pablo (with a new retrospective from Shanachie). Incredibly heavy…and good for the soul.

6/24/2008 Corazon Latino

Las canciones favoritas de Evita en la tarde antes de que se vaya…Parranda de Despedida ¡Hasta agosto, Evita!/ Eve’s favorite tunes for sendoff party the afternoon before her departure—Until August, Eve!

6/24/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

We heard new releases this morning from Marcia Ball’s Peace, Love BBQ (some real slow burners on that one), Chumbawamba’s The Boy Bands Have Won (commentary on today’s pop media culture), and cute Swedish pop group The Bridal Shop (not the Cardigans redux, however) with From Seas. Look at the playlist for more music fun!

6/23/2008 Jet Set Planet

Sherwood from Sherwood’s Planet fills in while Glen is at the Aku Tiki Room Auction.

6/23/2008 The Shake and Bake Show
6/23/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

new afro funk- latin freakout- soul sisters- classic soul- reggae…

6/22/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
6/22/2008 Filipino American National News
6/22/2008 Encuentro

Música de Cuba y música vernácula mexicana interpretada por María de Lourdes.

(The Play list is included within)

6/22/2008 Century Song

Today we began with music from Basque accordionist, Kepa Junkera (Allula), followed by music for Japanese bamboo flute (Legacy), then music from Peloponnese of Greece (Unesco), a song from the Ottoman Harem by the Ensemble of Women from Istanbul (al sur), sacred chant from the Island of Corsica (Silex), music from Kazakhistan (Inedit), music from the mountains of Peru (Smithsonian), guitar music from Peter Walker (Tomkins Square), music from Bulgaria by Pirin (Balkanton).

In the second hour we heard words and music from local Native American flute player and storyteller, Gary Ten Bear, that was followed by Mexican Sones of Huastecos, by Los Caperos de Valles (Smithsonian), Hurdy Gurdy music from France by Gille Chabenet and Frederic Paris (Silex), a folk song from Nepal (World Music Library), a raga from north Indian shehnai master, Bismillah Khan (Classic Music-India), Madagascar accordion master, Rigis Gizavo (Indigo), and we finished off with music from Albania by Famille Lela de Permet (Indigo).