World Music

7/22/2008 Corazon Latino

Canciones para mi madre (y mi bisabuelo y Doña Lupe, y otros que ya se han ido/ Songs for my mother (and great-grandfather and Doña Lupe and others who have left us)

7/22/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

We heard new music about baseball (Steve Wynn’s the baseball Project), new music that’s really ten years old (Archie Fisher’s new album, a decade in the making), and we recovered from the Deep Blues Festival. Folk, to Scottish, to dirty dirty blues. See the rest of the ride…

7/21/2008 Jet Set Planet

And in the beginning…. there was Bobby Byrne’s Made in Paris.

7/21/2008 The Shake and Bake Show
7/21/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

space funk- reggae vibe- heavy afro soul- funk jazz- classic electro/hiphop- classic soul…

7/20/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
7/20/2008 Filipino American National News
7/20/2008 Encuentro

Program kindly hosted by Carla Hagen. Theme: “Música Tradicional de Colombia y Cantos de Libertad y Paz”.

(The Play List is included within)

7/20/2008 Century Song

Today we began with reflective music by the Gbaya Pygmies of Central Africa (Ocora), this was followed by Swedish fiddle music (Shanchie), and Hungarian group Makam (Fono), then Iraqi oud music by Rahim Alhaj (Smithsonian), music from Crete by Psarantonis (World Network), Iranian music from Mamak Khadem, Touareg music from Algeria by Imaran (al sur), the Irish fiddle music from friend, James Kelly (Faetain), and music from France by Dominique Cravie and les Primitifs du Futur (Universal), instrumental music from Hungary (Hungaroton), songs and Drums from Nubia (Institu du Monde Arabe).

In the second hour we began with Rahhal, a group of gypsies of the Nile (Arc), and then music from the Hungarian Hurdy Gurdy Ensemble.

We then had guests with live music…the group Jantri. They combine Indian/Bangladesh rhythms with elements of rock ‘n roll.

7/19/2008 Sangam