World Music

3/31/2009 Corazon Latino

1. Theme
2. Vocal Sampling/ La Negra Tomasa (Bilongo)/ Una Forma Mas/ Sire
3. Eddie Palmieri (canta Ismael Quintana)/ Bilongo/ Superimposicion/ Fania

3/31/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks much to guests this morning, Brianna Lane:, and Cahalen David Morrison:, who together perform as The Harbor Collective: They made beautiful music together live from 7:30am – 8:30am, before they embarked on a tour that will take them from the midwest to the southwest. They’ll work together up here again, so if you missed seeing the live, you’ll have more chances. Other new music we heard this morning included Punch Brothers, Mayda, and Amadou Mariam, who are headed out on a US tour of their own which will have them at Bonnaroo in June and opening for Coldplay (!) in July.

3/30/2009 Jet Set Planet

Bill Cottman, from Mostly Jazz, donates his old albums to KFAI’s record sale, but somehow they end up in Glen Leslie’s hands!

3/30/2009 The Shake and Bake Show
3/30/2009 Kinda Cloudy Radio

STEELY: whole heap o’ classic soul- remixed jazz beats- reggae vibration- new latin…

3/29/2009 Bonjour Minnesota
3/29/2009 Filipino American National News
3/29/2009 Encuentro

Canciones de la trova Yucateca. Pirekuas, de Michoacán, México. El Chamamé. Una pequeña retrospectiva de la cantante brasileña Mônica Salmaso.

Play List:

3/29/2009 Century Song

During the second hour we had an interview will Irish Accordionist, Paddy O’Brien and guitarist Daithi Sproule. Live music was Paddy O’Brien with Daithi Sproule, and Paddy O’Brien with Brian Miller.

3/28/2009 Temposphere

Brad Wrolstad, guest host
Datsun 280ZX mix