World Music

6/22/2009 Jet Set Planet

Had Mel Torme become an airline pilot (like he threatened to do), this show may not have been possible!

6/22/2009 The Shake and Bake Show
6/22/2009 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Classic silky soul- gritty funk soul- deep blues jazz- latin- reggae…

6/21/2009 Bonjour Minnesota

Tonight’s program features old and new songs with a common theme: Love and its consequences.

6/21/2009 Filipino American National News
6/21/2009 Encuentro

Our apologies. The station’s servers ran out of memory on Sunday morning and this program wasn’t recorded for the archives.

Just in case:

The program consisted of a sampling of different versions and variations on two songs by the Mexican composer Agustín Lara: “Granada” and “Veracruz”. The last part of the program consisted of “corridos” (ballads) about Francisco Villa.

6/21/2009 Century Song
6/20/2009 Temposphere

Museum Glass Mix

6/20/2009 Sangam
6/20/2009 Caribbean Jam

TITLES WITH ** INDICATES NEW RELEASES.The track after Thank you lord,were played in the first half of Sangam.So they will be on Sangam’s Archive not Caribbean Jam.One Love.Thanks for listening and all the wonderful phone calls.It let me know you’re enjoying the show.