World Music

2/14/2009 Sangam

Love songs from the Indian Subcontinent for Valentine’s Day

2/14/2009 Caribbean Jam


2/14/2009 Sabados Alegres
2/13/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 2/13/09

2/13/2009 Fubar Omniverse

Fubar Omniverse Playlist, Friday, February 13, 2009

2/12/2009 African Rhythms

Interview with Zimbabwean superstar Thomas Mapfumo, at approximatley the middle of the two-hour show.

2/11/2009 Global Beat

Highlight is in-studio interview with the entire trombone section of The Brass Messengers celebrating their cd release at the Cedar this Friday evening starting at 7:30 pm. Fun music will not be all there is for the Carnival of celebration and community.

2/11/2009 Echo Chamber

To get in the mood for the Valentine’s Day weekend, Dr. StrangeDub DJ Baby Swiss presented the LOVE DUB special. Lotsa sweet, sweet l-o-v-e in Dub. Of course, we covered not just the ecstasy of the love groove, but also the loneliness of yearning for love, and the bitter disappointment of losing love. We hit all the bases…with the sweet reggae and dub sounds of the Echo Chamber.

2/10/2009 Corazon Latino

Nuestra celebración annual del Día de los Enamorados—canciones del amor en todas sus formas: amor romántico y erótico, amor traicionado, amor y sus primos amargos, el despecho y el dolor…con besos y angustia musicales para todos/ Our annual Valentine’s Day celebration—songs of love in all its forms: romantic love, erotic love, love betrayed; love and its bitter cousins, spite and pain…with melodic kisses and anguish for everyone.