World Music

8/3/2009 Jet Set Planet

Glen risks life and limb to bring you THE PRODUCER – a heaping gold mine of production library records! Click more to see the playlist.

8/3/2009 The Shake and Bake Show
8/3/2009 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Vintage urban soul- modern funk soul- raw blues gospel- jazz afrobeat…

8/2/2009 Bonjour Minnesota

Tonight’s program contains a wide variety from golden oldies to new music. In addition to French artists, there are artists from Canada and Martinique. Styles range from French Canadian, classic ballads, slam from new artist, Grand Corps Malade to Creole music.

8/2/2009 Filipino American National News
8/2/2009 Encuentro

Música del estado de Michoacán, México. Canciones del gran compositor puertorriqueño Rafael Hernández Marín (“el jibarito”). Folklore argentino.

Play List:

8/2/2009 Century Song
8/1/2009 Temposphere

pet a travers mix

8/1/2009 Sangam
8/1/2009 Caribbean Jam