World Music

On today’s show: 2 hours of contemporary and classic African rhythms including a new track from Senegalese kora master Diabel Cissokho, a remix of South African electro star BBC plus Kenyan/Minnesotan hip hop artist Fanaka stops by the studio and does some live freestyling in English and Swahili.

Another night in the Echo Chamber just loaded with new tunes… Brand new releases including Slimmah Sound & various artists (Roots Tribe Showcase – Vol. II); Citizen Sound’s “Addicted” remixes (Balanced Records) featuring Ammoye; Dubmission’s new “The Next Mission (Pt. 2)” compilation; Ashley’s latest Roots in a Minor Key album; and a very powerful single from Eggblood (and feat. E.G. Bailey) titled “Morning on Creation Day”. On top of that were recent releases from Steve Steppa, Jimmy Cliff, Ondatropica, Empresarios, Cinematic Orchestra, Big Shiny, Dr. Mooch, and Richie Phoe.

Our guest is Father Jules Omalanga, or Père Jules Omba, for short.  Père Jules came from the Congo, formerly the Belgian Congo where there are over 40 tribal languages and where French is used as a common, official language.  

Père Jules currently officiates at masses in two churches:  St. Bonifacius, where there is a French mass every Sunday at noon,  and All Saints.  Both churches are in Northeast Minneapolis.  St. Bonifacius is at 629 2nd St., near University Ave. and 6th St.  Père Jules invites all to the French mass and for refreshments after.

Oldies, pop, fusion, and jazz – South Asian style!