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11/2/2009 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Your weekly blend of all things funky… featuring new(er) material from Shawn Lee, Naomi Shelton The Gospel Queens, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, and a few crews from overseas. Also a bunch of dusty 45’s, an eighties electro beat set, and some smooth reggae to tie it off…

11/1/2009 Bonjour Minnesota

Louise and Caryl bring you the old and the new of French chanson.

11/1/2009 Filipino American National News
11/1/2009 Encuentro

Programa dedicado al Día de los Muertos. Contiene un Ofrenda Musical con piezas solicitadas por radioescuchas para honrar la memoria de un ser querido. La Ofrenda recuerda también a algunos de nuestros creadores que fallecieron este año. Al final incluye una cápsula enviada desde Oaxaca por Syvia González.

Encuentro just began a Facebook page. Please visit it here:

Play List:

11/1/2009 Century Song

During the first hour my guest was Judy Lin, the pianist with the Bakken Trio. During the second hour we the group Clairseach, Chuck and Ann Heyman.

10/31/2009 Temposphere

Haunted Beats!

Listener Suggested Horror films:
“Night of the Demon”:
“The Innocents”:
“The Omega Man”:
Any of the Hammer Films

Thanks for the tips!

10/31/2009 Sangam

Here is the playlist for my show. You can also find it at:



10/31/2009 Caribbean Jam


10/31/2009 Sabados Alegres
10/30/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 10/30/09