World Music

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Mutantes, Mandos, Monks, and Memories of an ‘Oo-filled evening

Tarik Thornton joins Steely in the studio for a blistering two-hour set of all 45’s including sides by Bob & Gene, Detroit Emeralds, Funkadelic, The Cooperettes, Michael Washington, Roger & The Gypsies, La Clave, Mandinga, The Yoruba Singers, The Prophets of Peace, JN Thorp Elementary School Band, & more…

This program presents Boleros, as well as the famous “Huapango” by José Pablo Moncayo and the folk music that inspired it. It also includes some classic tangos and tango according to Ástor Piazzolla. The literature segment presents poetry by José Agustín Goytisolo, from Spain.

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Music of Spaniards influenced by American music surrounds a snippet of the interview with L.A. guitarist Stephen Dick on this show from our May 2010 archives.

Looking ahead to the Minneapolis return of Os Mutantes (Cedar, 11/30) and the debut of the Dérobé Dance Band (Icehouse, 12/5) plus a highly eclectic mix of music including tracks from Cheikh Lô, Batida, Karantamba, Mamadou Barry and much more.