World Music

Episode #391
The Pop Shop’s Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy are flying the jet this week. Fasten your seat belts!

It’s and Omniversal Jazzed Up and Bonkers Friday morning, ladies and gentlemen!

This program presents music from Northern Mexico, Argentina and The Andes, “Sones de Mariachi” and Spanish poetry set to music.

As promised, the first in a series of shows exploring the palos of fandangos grandes, malaguenas, and granainas. On this show, these palos are sung by the old masters.

Music from José James, Meklit Hadero, Jabali Afrika and much more on today’s show with Brad and Jojo.

Gipsies from Espana, voices from Africa, and two brand new local releases from Latin talents, Maria Isa & Malamanya !