World Music

12/23/2009 Global Beat

Todo Brasil mix
with Brad Wrolstad

12/23/2009 Echo Chamber

The annual Christmas In Dub special… Featuring lots of great reggae, dub, and club holiday tracks. Classics from the likes of Yellowman, Jacob Miller, and Toots Maytals, and even a brand new reggae Christmas carol from LS symfHoney. Oh yeah, and even a bit of the Grinch…

12/22/2009 Corazon Latino
12/22/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

Got some great phone calls during the first holiday special in all 10 years of Pam Without Boundaries. Bob Dylan’s 2009 Christmas album was the impetus. I thank friend Sumanth for coming on to debate it with me, and to share holiday faves he enjoys, and the great requests we received. Also very big thanks to The Gated Community for four live songs during the morning. They’ll be back in spring for a proper interview around the release of their first album.

12/21/2009 Jet Set Planet

I, Heino.

12/21/2009 The Shake and Bake Show
12/21/2009 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Stone Soul Christmas ’09: A heaping platter of Holiday-themed Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk Reggae guaranteed to put a little swagger in your gathering!…

12/20/2009 Bonjour Minnesota

It’s the Christmas show! Louise, Caryl and Olaf will play traditional and seasonal music from France, Canada, and Senegal along with talk about their own Christmas memories. Also featured are two French stories for children: When Christmas Comes and Christmas Isn’t In The Store.

12/20/2009 Filipino American National News

playlist for dec 20, 2009 show.

12/20/2009 Encuentro

Latin American songs in celebration of the Holidays —mainly Christmas and New Year.

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