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An all-vinyl set of contemporary & classic Afro Beat, Funk & Modern Soul… featuring tracks by El Michels Affair, Blundetto, Antibalas, Ocote Soul Sounds, Fanga, Akale Wube, The Sons of Thunder, Lantei Lamptey, Moussa Doumbia, Pazy & The Black Hippies, Kings Go Forth, Franky & Jamos, Leroy Hudson, & many more…

During its first hour, this program celebrates Mexican Independence Day. The second hour presents old Spaniard “Romances” and traditional songs. The literature segment presents “El Caballo de Troya”, a story from the Salvadorian “Radio Venceremos”.

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It's a show of the flamenco "just fines." Sure, we all know and love the flamenco "greats," but it's the little guys who make up the fat, rich underbelly of flamenco. To paraphrase a very non-flamenco song, "Thank Heaven for flamenco 'just fines,' because without them what would we other little guys do?"

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Contemporary Afrobeat from Ottawa, Brooklyn and Paris; guitar music from the sub-Sahara; roots reggae; Tanzanian dance music and much more: musical pieces of the vast African continent and diaspora on today’s show. 2 hours with Brad and Jojo.

News Director, Dale Connelly, hosts & produces The Morning Blend.