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1/25/2010 Jet Set Planet

Chicago Scores, Part I
Plus… *Listener Requests for Slow Hot Wind, Big Sur Love Set, Rye Bread, and Bruce Haack (the last one fulfilling a request from 2 1/2 years ago!).

1/25/2010 The Shake and Bake Show
1/25/2010 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Tonight kicks off with music from Dan Auerbach, The Heavy, JC Brooks. Then up-to-date funk from the UK, California, Memphis, Seattle, Australia Japan. Rare funky soul in the middle, and modern afrobeat reggae to finish…

1/24/2010 Bonjour Minnesota
1/24/2010 Filipino American National News
1/24/2010 Encuentro

The first ½ hour includes music from Uruguay and Venezuela. The second ½ hour consists of a retrospective of a seminal composer of the Mexican song tradition, Alfonso Esparza Oteo (1894-1950). The last ½ hour returns to a theme touched upon in last week’s program: Music from Mexican cinema.

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Play List:

1/24/2010 Century Song
1/23/2010 Temposphere
1/23/2010 Sangam
1/23/2010 Caribbean Jam