World Music

Today during the first hour we took a trip the Baluchistan, Iran. Part of the ongoing series about the ethnic music of Iran, produced by Dan Rein and Baktash Boghrati.

In the second hour we had an interview with local musician Jack Klatt about his new solo recording.

DJ Musically Rich fills in for a 2nd week, and be sure to check in next week to catch him for a 3rd straight week!

More on-hold music for the 21st century! PLUS a SuperSet of listener requests!

Steely ignites the airwaves with 2-Hours of Funk, Afro Funk, & Afro Disco on wax. Featuring MFSB, Harvey Scales, Marva Whitney (RIP), Mountain Mocha Kilamanjaro, Jungle Fire, Les Freres Smith, Menehan Street Band, The Apostles, Orchestre Rail Band, Dynamite Verckys, Kiki Gyan, & many more…

This program is a Mexican Postcard: A taste of the sounds, voices, light & colors that were heard, seen and felt by the host’s recent trip to Mexico, his homeland.

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