World Music

Guitars(!) and Beats. The latter is a Temposphere mainstay, but the former is usually instrument-non-grata. Not this go round: they are featured throughout the mix with sublime synergy. Enjoy!

Greg and Ian fly the Jet this week!

Reaching back into the archives, Kristina came up with a show of flamenco ladies singing tientos and an interview with Debra Elias Morse.

Musical Olympic closing ceremony revisionism and congrats to the winners, a chat with Greg Schaefer from GST on this weekend’s “Rhythmically Speaking” dance performance at The Southern.

We welcome DJ Brian Engel into the studios to give us a primer on the 10-Year Anniversary of his Hipshaker Minneapolis Rare Soul & Deep Funk Dance Night. What we get is two hours of scorchers on 45, including tracks from The Satin Dolls, Curtis Lee & The KCP’s, The Superlatives, The Daddy Graham Trio, Herb Johnson Settlement, The Monterays, Rickey Calloway, Demon Funk, Roosevelt Matthews, Jimmy Robins, Eugene Church, Freddy Butler, & many more…