World Music

This program presents a full hour of Cuban piano tradition, plus “piano llanero”, from the Colombian and Venezuelan tradition.

New music from The Very Best, Songhoy Blues, Buena Vista Social Club and Niyaz plus plenty of vintage and new soukous, rumba, chicha, reggae, desert blues and more on today's African Rhythms.

Music from India, Basque, Ukraine, Cuba, South Africa, Mali, Jamaica, and more!

Features new music and guest ‪‎Anthonia‬, the creator of Minneapolis music & events blog,

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La Paquera de Jerez opens this week's show, and Mariana de Cadiz closes it, with Argentina, Esperanza Fernandez and Marina Heredia holding up the midsection quite admirably.

The sweet smell of pledge drive success. Whatcha gonna do with all that cash, KFAI?


April 1, 2015

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Hosted by MIguel Vargas, special guest DJs Darlene Calderon & Karla Padron sharing their favorite songs and stories, all the way from the West Coast to MN.