World Music

Our Halloween Special – a mix of scare, stories, and appropriate tunes and tones for young and old, Celtic/Hispanic. Stories to totally creep you, music to alter your mindset, memories you forgot you had with James Brown, St. Agnes Ensemble, La Boutine Souriante, Marilyn Manson, Tommy Hayes, Chris Smither, and Linda Ronstadt, Los Lobos, and Van Morrison with the Chieftains and, last but not least, Walter de la Mare. All that in 30 minutes! Pure Magic! 

on the eve of "All Hallows Eve" the music is not quite as terrifying as you would think! however the show kicks off with Sunglasses Kid' killer new track, "Wolf Pack".  Other music includes, Abelard, TV Players, Cobra Copter, Firt Impressions, Tim Feehan, Giant Steps and more. Let the graveyard boogie commence!

Songs tying in to #NODAPL Dakota Access PipeLine battle, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos!