World Music

Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar.” (558)

Imagine if you will, a radio program that plays songs with titles such as “The Magician; Space Commercial; Zoom a Little Zoom; and If You Go to Rio (Don’t Drink the Water).  This is the radio program that brings you the best of Thrift Store USA.  Yes someone digs through those records that you just walk past on you journey to the used underwear section of the local charity shop. 

Rock and Soul, Soul and Rock.

featuring special guests Mitchell Sigurdson (Black Market Brass) and Michael Skerschman (DJ FoolProof)

This program presents music for and about children and childhood (in celebration of Children’s Day in Mexico, April 30th), and songs for and about working men and women (in celebration of International Workers’ Day, May 1st.)

Yes, another week of bulerias and soleares por bulerias this week, plus another mystery "palo" to close the show. Any guesses?

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