World Music

7/23/2014 ECHO CHAMBER
7/22/2014 Balkan Jamboree
7/22/2014 Bonjour Minnesota
7/22/2014 Corazon Latino
7/22/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Jean Silverberg
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums

7/21/2014 Radio Duende (aka International Jazz Conspiracy)
7/21/2014 Sangam

Lots of good music; listen for yourself.

7/21/2014 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent

O'Rourke's Feast introduce their new CD which is officially releasing on July 25th. Joining Paddy on the show are Suzanne Rhees (flute), Ingrid Jans, and Kathleen Green (fiddle).

7/21/2014 The Shake and Bake Show
7/21/2014 Pam Without Boundaries