Today I had a phone interview with Jana Nyberg and played two cuts from her brand new album, Set on You. She and her group, the Jana Nyberg5 will celebrate the album’s release at the Dunsmore Room on Friday, August 11. I also played music from Rueben Wilson, Adam Adamson, Andy Kirk, John Coltrane, Cyrille Aimee, Miles Davis, The Isleys & Carlos Santana, and Jazz Soul Seven. The Leigh Kamman 45 of the week was two one-sided promos: Mongo Santamaria’s I Wanna Know, from 1972, and the jazz/funk of Ray Barretto’s Numero Uno, from 1977. In the archive until August 19. 

Now TWO HOURS (623)

The first show in this new time slot….from 2pm to 4pm every Tuesday.

The first morning episode… in quite a while.  My new regular slot is now – TUESDAY, from 8 – 10 AM.  Catch me – if you can !~!

On this first episode, following the "Wake-Up Call", … H – E- L – L – O.. I'm back !

I have done an early show with a couple of co-hosts in the way back – Justine & then my sister – on "Global Dawn".  But this year, begins a whole 'nother thang.


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