The show Kicks open the door with a track from Brian Mcdonald Group and continues with a mix of new, old, soundbytes and 80s bliss.  New releases from Dream Fiend, TV Players, Slanger and much more!! 

Today, NYC pianist Larry Fuller called in to talk about his upcoming gig at the Dunsmore Room on Apil 11. I also played music by Willis Jackson, Ed Calle, Charlie Parker, Tamuz Nissim & George Nazos, Stacey Kent, Rio Nido, and more. The Leigh Kamman 45 of the Week was actually two one-song promos by Eddie Harris: I Need Some Money, and Get on Down, both reflecting the influence of funk in 1974.  

I like the French as much as the next guy (606)


LSEX is a cornucopia of  funky inter-galactic music incorporating rhythmic, global and eclectic sounds. LSEX is a showcase of fusion, roots, reggae, dub, House, Afro-beat, rhythm and Soul from a DJing perspective

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March Madness: Extended Mix.

I have a mixup – for you to decode.  Today's playlist is actually the list from a week earlier.  If you found yourself here — you can find the Global Beat playlist for March 29 at the previous listing for March 22.  That's where I have placed 'THIS' week's listing.  So sorry.