Spring Pledge Drive: thank you for your financial support

Episode #452: Luke Andrews, Manfred Fest, and the KFAI Spring Pledge Drive!

Spring pledge-o-rama under an unsolicited blanket of April snow. Thanks to everyone who heeded the call to support community radio!

Music Host: Michael Cyrs
News Host: Rico Morales
Producer / Engineer: Yvette Howie

Music Host / Engineer: Mark Koerner
News Host: Janis Lane-Ewart
Producer: Paul Brohaugh

4/3 in a nutshell…

We broke format this week, as Caravan Palace (Cedar Cultural Center, Sat. 4/5) found their way onto the “Ooh” portion of our playlist, usually reserved for ska and rocksteady oldies of the ’60s and ’70s. We were also offering up free admission to the show as a pledge premium for our Spring 2014 fundraiser, along with Bim Skala Bim’s comeback release, Chet’s Last Call, from which we played “Summer Of Ska” and other tunes as pledge bait. But seriously, I wanna head down to the Cedar this Saturday and find the place packed to the gills… the Palace deserve it for being such a foremost exponent of the occasionally ska-influenced Django-Reinhardt-meets-Daft-Punk rhythmic stew known as Electro-Swing. Last time they played the Cedar, this DJ/bandmember was out of town on a gig and couldn’t go, so this time I ain’t missin’ it for the world, boss. Emil Richards got two of his calendar-album tracks aired in the Voov, “Diamond (April)” and “Emerald (May)” from Stones, and with that Sherwood took his “Planet” globetrotting all over the place: Korea (Ga-In), Japan (Unchain, Melting Holidays), Sweden (Little Dragon featuring Yukimi Nagano), and France (had to get some Caravan Palace into the mix). The Home Stretch introduced “Ball of Fire” as the GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month Club selection for April, leading off with the Ernest Ranglin version from Below the Bassline. Keep in mind that every version of this tune you’ll hear this (or any) month is a cover of British TV’s “Echo 4-2” theme, but to the best of my knowledge. the only ska band calling it “Echo 4-2” has been Bad Manners. Which leads us to…. the 5@5:05. Last Friday, RSST essentially filled in for a vacationing Simon on KFAI’s True Brit and put on… The Great British Skaaaaaaa!!! Wanting to continue that business here, but with bands we didn’t play last Friday, the result was… The Meow Meows, The Delegators, Phoenix City All Stars, The Dualers, and King Porter Stomp. And from there, it was a hop, skip and a jump to The End. Next week, Spring 2014 pledge drive RSST week 2! Tune in and stay tuned!

Music Host: David Cummings
News Host: Robert Easley
Producer: Mike Fischbein
Engineer: Mike Stapp

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Music Host / Engineer: Jean Silverberg
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums