Ands and Ampersands – A Show of Partners

Dalton & Dubarri – How I Hate The Nighttime

LeBlanc & Carr – How Does It Feel (To Be In Love)

Seals & Crofts – You're The Love (12" Disco Mix)

Rene & Angela – Can't Give You Up

Isley Jasper Isley – Caravan of Love

Leslie, Kelly and John Ford Coley – Come Back To Me

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison – Houdini

Cockrell and Santos – I Tried It All

The Captain & Tennille – No Love In The Morning

Homi & Jarvi – I'm In Love Again

Tonight is an electric night on the show with world premieres from Sunglasses Kid ( https://sunglasseskid.bandcamp.com ) off his forthcoming album Graduation as well as an exclusive from NEW (to my ears) commers Alive By NIght ( https://soundcloud.com/alivebynight ) with a track called "Overtime".  Never heard before music and as always a fun assortment of 80s and early 90s sound bytes! 

Thanks fot Pete Lee for sitting in today  and doing a wonderful job of digging deep into jazz and related genres from the 20th Century, including a couple of different versions of Peanut Vendor, and songs from Bill Jennings & Leo Parker, Illinois Jacquet, Brother Jack McDuff, Duke Ellington, Slim Gaillard, and more… 

How do you like your hot butter? (599) 

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A midwinter warm-up with guest host Molly Kala'akeahoho'imau, presenting music by visiting artist George Kahumoku, Jr, and a tribute to Eddie Kamae (August 4, 1927 – January 7, 2017). 

The RSST Nutshell 2/9/17_

After a late birthday tribute to both Bob Marley and Derrick Harriott, we thought we'd do something a little different for our annual Skalentine's special… a musical and multilingual tribute to the guy who made Barbie Gaye's heart go giddyup… then Millie Small's, then a global army of Lollipop lovers stretching from Hong Kong (Billie Tam) to Israel (Gila Adari) to Quebec (Jacques Desrosiers and La Famille Staunton) and beyond!