The RSST Nutshell 4/21/16

The "Ooh" – Oh Yeah, Blue Beat Baby! We launch this week with both sides of the only record in existence by Brigitte Bond & the Blue Beats, a 7" 45 on… wait for it… Blue Beat! Also a pair of hat tricks (shoulda done 3!)… 3 Bobs (Mr. Walls, Mr. Andy and Mr. Marley) and 3 Ska Beat 45s. And I won't even charge you the 3 bob… how much is that in smackeroonies, anyway?

Sherwood's Planet – The Moon was yellah!

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4.16.16: Today I played jazz based on pop tunes from a variety of eras, with music from Hank Crawford, Adison Evans, Jimmy McGriff, Omaha Diner, The jack Brass Band, Scott Hamilton, Cassandra Wilson, David Bowie w/Maria Schneider, Davina & The Vagabonds, Miles Davis, The SF Jazz Collective, and Kevin Mahogany.