Thanks to David Cummings of Rockin' in Rhythm for coming in today and helping me during our Spring Pledge Drive. I played music by Bob Dorouhg, double Bass, Double Voice, Milt Jackson & John Coltrne, The David Murray Cuban Enxemble and more. The Leigh Kamman 45 of the week was My New Baby/Misty, buy Sonny Stitt.

Imagine I’m drawing a stick figure with an orange crayon.  Imagine the stick figure is pointing to a radio antenna on a building.  Imagine that antenna – that looks more like an oven rack, but I don’t draw too good – is dangling off a precipice.  Maybe it’s wearing a colorful scarf that’s blowing in the wind.  Oh no – there it goes… the wind blew if off the edge… goodbye little oven rack of radio.  You were a good friend.  (604)

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of the Liquid Soul Experience (LSEX) Conscious Party edition on KFAI with me ST (Stacey Taylor).

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Opening today's show with sounds of Paris — with a bossa nova & a folk swing.  Paris is also known for its links to African nations – so I go to a very recent release from Senegalese mbalax artist, Youssou N'dour.  After an extended set from N'dour I play a brand new release from a French jazz combo covering some American classics.  In recent weeks I have been playing vocalists from North Africa and continue with tracks from Souad Massi's first release; Massi is an Algerian ex-pat living in France.  

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