5/17/2007 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
5/16/2007 International Jazz Conspiracy

Instrumental Hindustani Music

5/15/2007 Rhythm and Grooves

New recordings from Jeff Hackworth, Johnny Vidacovich, Gordon Wycleffe Jay Leonhart, and Kermit Ruffins. A classic from Charles Mingus, and a few from Twin Cities artists.

5/15/2007 Rollin' and Tumblin'
5/14/2007 Jet Set Planet

Benny Goodman takes out a Reader’s Digest subscription, and makes us all so very happy.

5/12/2007 Mostly Jazz
5/11/2007 Fubar Omniverse
5/10/2007 Collective Eye

Featured Artist: Pianist, Bud Powell

5/10/2007 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
5/9/2007 International Jazz Conspiracy

Hindustani Vocal Traditions: Dhrupad, Khayal, and Thumri