10/30/2007 Rhythm and Grooves

An evening of vocal Jazz, as Rhonda Laurie and Arne Fogel of the Jazz Vocalists of Minnesota joined me to talk about the organization’s work and their upcoming showcases at Jitters.

10/30/2007 Rollin' and Tumblin'
10/29/2007 Jet Set Planet

Good God! A disco beat? Hell NO, just 70s NOW SOUND.

10/27/2007 Mostly Jazz

Benny Carter David Sanchez

10/27/2007 Mostly Jazz
10/26/2007 Fubar Omniverse
10/25/2007 Collective Eye

New releases by Sonny Rollins, Calabria Foti, Fred Hersch Tinariwen

10/25/2007 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
10/23/2007 Rhythm and Grooves

Must be the season for new releases – I’ve got a slew of them, as well as tunes by Dizzy, Gerry Mulligan, and re-releases by Coltrane, and Johnny Hartman.