6/16/2007 Mostly Jazz
6/16/2007 Mostly Jazz
6/15/2007 Fubar Omniverse
6/14/2007 Collective Eye

Host: John Kohring
Artist / Cut / Album / Label
*New Release

Abbey Lincoln / Music is the Magic / Devil’s Got Your Tongue / Verve

6/14/2007 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
6/13/2007 International Jazz Conspiracy

The Music of Fred Anderson

6/12/2007 Rhythm and Grooves

Thanks to the members of Invisible Ray Brown, who stopped by the studio to talk about their music, play a couple of thier recordings, and talk about their development as a new band.

6/12/2007 Rollin' and Tumblin'

Full Bodied Squeezes for June 12, 2007

6/11/2007 Jet Set Planet

Brand new EXOTICA from Waitiki and Robert Drasnin.

6/9/2007 Mostly Jazz