2/12/2008 Rollin' and Tumblin'

The A-Train returns with Sugar Hill to Blueberry Hill style blues!

2/11/2008 Jet Set Planet

Joe, leave those Wild Grapes alone!

2/9/2008 Mostly Jazz

Love Supreme

2/8/2008 Fubar Omniverse
2/7/2008 Collective Eye

Honoring African American Composers/Performers During Black History Month: Shanta Nurullah, Nina Simone, Gregory Hickman-Williams, Catherine Russell, Charles Mingus, Archie Shepp, and Omar Sosa

2/7/2008 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
2/6/2008 International Jazz Conspiracy

Celebrating Black History Month 2008:
The Music of Charles Gayle

2/5/2008 Rhythm and Grooves

We’re Live from the Artists’ Quarter, featuring the Tuesday Night Band. It’s an extended show, so go to This Way Out and Womenspeak to hear the first 2 sements. Incidental recorded music during the band break from the album Illinois Jacquet on Columbia (1962).

2/5/2008 Rollin' and Tumblin'

Today’s show was pre-empted by a Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Special broadcast. Rollin Tumblin with Lady J will return Tuesday Feb.12th.

2/4/2008 Jet Set Planet

Beatniks, Birds, and Cops with Cannoli.