hosted by Kenna Camara

Make like Shake while wearing an itsy bitsy bikini. I do it all the time in the privacy of my own bedroom!

The Lady Will Have Her Say: Oum Kalthoum

3/1 in a nutshell…

We did a few things more than once this week, ‘cuz next week we’re pre-empted by 24 hours’ worth of International Women’s Day specials. So… three “Do the Blue Beats” (and one “He Can’t Do the Blue Beat”) for your 4:00 4-in-a-row, two “Tu Sei Pallidos” (they’re Lollipops, and you’ve gotta hear Rita Pavone’s!), a C’est Toi Mon Idole (also a Lollipop) and mucho Ringrollage! Shiina’s band Tokyo Jihen have called it a career as of their final gig on Leap Day… meaning the 4th anniversary of the breakup will be in 16 years! But seriously, we’ll miss looking forward to new Jihen releases even as we eagerly anticipate wrapping our ears around numerous solo projects and collabs. The “Ooh” opened with a set of… you might say “newsworthy” Ska (check the non-reg playlist for “headlines”) and eventually progressed toward two Ska Twists. Sherwood’s set tells a proverbial thousand tales (including Teddy Charles’ vibraphonic jazz reading of Princess Scheherezade), and that should be enough to tide us over ‘til the 15th, when the Rocket Ship will once again be boarding skassengers. Bon voyage!

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Hugh Masekela tunes old & new with other African voices moving toward a Latin flavored ending…. Sabor !

My guests today in the studio included members of “Que Pasa Minnesota” a live social networking event taking place at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon on Thursdays at 4pm. I was joined by Diana Laredo Satar, Christina Moran and Martha Elena Varela. Their message: that their event showcases Hispanic/Latino Flavored Productions with an Essence of Multiculturalism.

New music from Mark Sherman, Regina Marie Williams, Gregory Porter, Rene Marie, Hugh Masakela, Jon Gold. Classic tunes from Art Blakey, Bags & Trane, Art Pepper, & Ellington. And of course, Mingus and more.

hosted by Kenna Camara