(2/23 in a nutshell… )
Big 3rd-hour highlight from Lolli-land… we here a the RSST have managed to score the Ernest Ranglin 1964 instrumental backing track to Millie (Small)‘s hit My Boy Lollipop… wheee, did we have fun with THAT! Steve Alaimo covered The Blues Busters, Suggs from Madness did “Oranges and Lemons Again” with the Jools Holland Orchestra, Sherwood rediscovered Al Hirt’s Maxwell House-inspired “Perky”, and as the show aired, Shiina Ringo’s band was a week away from becoming history, so a track from their final studio ep “Color Bars” seemed natural. In 16 years, we’ll be marking the 4th anniversary of the breakup… The “Ooh” couldn’t get enough of that Soweto Stokvel track “Eddie’s Ska”, near the beginning of a set that included Millie Small, Baba Brooks, Bob Marley and Donatella.
All over the map is just how we like it… travel broadens the mind!

Opening with a set of Ana Moura fado tunes from her recent visit. Then a trip to Brasil for some Carnaval tunes over the years on Ash Wednesday.

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Guitarist Todd Clouser has been getting good press with his band A Love Electric. He was my guest today, talking about their latest CD, “20th Century Folk Selections” while we played a few cuts. I also aired newer music from Mark Sherman, Maude Hixson, Framework, Sue Tucker, and Akiko Tsuruga. Classic tracks included The Modern Jazz Sextet (w/Dizzy Gillespie), Don Byas, Ellington, Miles, and Mingus with Ellington.

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hosted by Kenna Camara Cottman

Big Gundowns, Bossa Novas by request, and Black Belt Jones!

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2/16 in a nutshell…

Working our way back from Hour 3 as usual:
It was our late Skalentine’s special, so the 4(+1)@4 theme was a no-brainer… 5 tunes not-at-all connected in any way to our overarching theme! GotchaSKAvered’s February Japanese lollipop was by The Dreamlets, and it was the mixed English/Japanese version never aired on the RSST until this very episode! Sherwood belatedly celebrated the birthday of Tina “Ginger” Louise with that “Honeybees” favorite from Gilligan’s Island, “You Need Us”, introduced by (the late) Jim “Thurston Howell III” Backus. In the “Ooh”, Neil “Ska”-daka had some advice on how to attract every “Cinderella”… just Do the Jellyfish! Actually, some of those poolside Jellyfishers look like they’re actually doing the Ska… Do it!

Hugh Masekela interview highlights today’s Global Beat !

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