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Radio Duende Playlist (a.k.a. International Jazz Conspiracy) 03/26/12 guest host J. Otis Powell, Katherine Pherson, Tom Kanthak, Michael O’Brien and Donald Washington

It’s Spring Pledge Drive! And it was busy with guests, so I didn’t get to play as many songs as usual. Trumpeter John Raymond called in to talk about his new CD, Strength and Song, and Chris Bates dropped by to talk about his Open Rehearsal Project with his new Quintet. And we heard from Akiko Tsuruga, Connie Evingson, Mary Louise Knutson, David Murray, and the Mingus Big Band.

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Spring Pledge Drive

Floyd? Come in, Floyd. Can you read me?

3/22 in a nutshell…
Real gone, man! Plus a peppering of Ska-Like from the likes of Frankie Ford and Duke Ellington, some Caltone reissues, and an unannounced back-to-back comparison of pre-Wailers Marley (Do You Still Love Me) and Derrick Morgan’s strikingly similar-sounding take on “By The Light of the Silvery Moon”, title shortened to “The Moon”. Past the “Ooh”, Sherwood B. Funn fills the Zero-G with everyone from Terry Snyder to David Carroll, from Zavier Cugat to Milton Banana… and he can’t resist some Ska when it’s Giuliano Palma doing Bond… James Bond! A Mutant Frogs set makes up the 4(+1)@4, Billie Tam straight outa HK’s gotchaSKAllipopped, and the spirit of King Stitt (r.i.p., King, we’ll miss ya!) chimes in. The Big ‘C’ claimed him on Jan. 31st, and we’ll mount a proper tribute next week… stay tuned.

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