7/5 in a nutshell…
(and this is one monster-sized nutshell we’re talkin’bout!)
This week’s RSST has plenty going on_ first of all, we’re declaring July to be Space Month, what with World UFO Day (which the Ship’s crew just learned of), the anniversaries of both Roswell and Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk, AND a more-than-usually cosmic Rocket Ship playlist all happening this month! In this week’s “Ooh”, the present invaded the past, as happens occasionally around here, as classic original ska made way for a batch of newly-hatched Froggies fresh from our studios. Easier to roll and keep track of while trying to give away Bayfront tix! In orbit around Sherwood’s Planet, we tuned in and turned on… just in time for Carnation Trek, involving an orchestra beaming onto a spacey stage set, seemingly from the Enterprise transporter room, and accompanying Shiina Ringo in her song for a popular NHK drama series. During the song, the aforementioned transporter also beams in Tokyo Jihen for a cameo appearance! (See for yourself: currently known as “CNTN” on YouTube, and it’s a real beauty… ) Mr Funn’s planned Emi Ito/The Peanuts tribute certainly was that, but expanded and morphed to encompass classic Toho monster-dom generally, throwing in Mothra, the Gargantuas and Godzilla. Ol’ Rocket Breath wasn’t the primary cause of galactic warming, though… Yukimi Nagano was, singing “Summer Sun” on Koop.‘s debut album to wind up the hour. The 4@4 ska theme was Paradise, and only two of the four were by the TSPO! GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month’s got Ball of Fire (originally “Echo 4-2”) and there was one of each in the 1st and 3rd hours… The Skatalites (Fire) in the “Ooh” and Bad Manners (Echo) in Hr. 3. The Skatalites were covering the UK tv series theme “Echo 4-2” and changed its name, which is probably how I came to believe that the UK cop show was actually sci-fi… We also threw in Yuri Gagarin, Moonbase Alpha, Capt. Future, Solar Shock and some Constellations before wrapping the show up for another week. Wanna shake with that?

Special holiday visit with musician Wanaku, originally from Cameroun, W. Africa, celebrating his brand new release, Indigenous People.  Free flowing session with multiple tracks previewed from the new release.

Had an interview today with Professor Mahmoud El-Kati, author of the “Hiptionary”, a book of phrases and terms used in modern conversation as slang. Professor El-Kati’s book explains the origins and the use of those terms. If you ever wondered what was the difference between “hip” and “hep”….get the Hip-tionary.(Papayrus Publishing)

“Until it sounds like Jazz” – J. Otis Powell! & Tom Kanthak at the Pangea World Theater Studio

I am not Naked when I do my show. That rumor is false.

6/28 in a nutshell…

Swinging for joy while searching for weapons, kiddy-o! The “Ooh” kicks things off in high style this week with Count Ossie, the Soul Bros. and the Muskyteers (backed by Lee Perry’s Upsetters!) before rollin’ into a little rocksteady. We bumpered a somewhat more fleshed-out Vibe Steady (Demo 2) which is currently the version we think we’ll release. The 2Tone era took over the last half of the hour before Mr. Funn got into some more early Sun Ra. Perez Prado, Henry Mancini, Perrey/Kingsley and more could also by heard wafting out of the Zero-G’s speakers while in orbit around Sherwood’s Planet. Back aboard the Rocket Ship, Cozy & the Cap’n picked 4-in-a-row that each clocked in under 2 minutes, and GotchaSKAvered brought Josh Roseman in to finish off Don Drummond’s Confucious for the month.Giuliano Palma came from Russia with love, Muscovites Cabernet Deneuve went to the moon, and Tim Armstrong and Skye Sweetnam swung into action while the night sky began to turn blue. And hey, if you just gotta be somebody’s baby, how ‘bout those Pepper Pots! Mmmmmmmm…