8/23 in a nutshell…

This week, we were inspired by Diana Nyad’s fourth (!) jellyfish-plagued Cuba-to-Florida swim attempt to once again bust out Neil “Ska”-daka’s contribution to the ‘Z’-horror movie “Sting of Death” (one of two, actually)… Diana, major props for trying, you savvy traveler you. Next time, a head-to-toe scuba outfit, perhaps? Just don’t let all those jellyfish do you… From the sea to the air, we had “Lonely Robin” by Lascelles Perkins. On dry land, it’s Mango Jones tooling down “Coffee Street”, and six feet under, you won’t find Prince Buster (“Hard Man fe Dead”). Not yet. From the “Ooh” to the “Voov”, Sherwood’s Planet embarked on an hour-long Japanese kick to make up for having missed the annual Como Park festivities of 8/19, aurally ogling sonic gems by Yasutaka Nakata (think Capsule and Perfume), Shiina Ringo, Yukimi Nagano (think Little Dragon), The Peanuts, YMCK and more. Cozy and the Cap’n continued the theme in hour 3 with the first of 2 J-Ska 4@4s, but then jumped over to the UK for Judge Dread’s Phoenix City GotchaSKAvered selection. ‘J’ met ‘UK’ as Kagoshima’s ARTS (“Authentic Rocksteady Traditional Ska”) covered The Beatles, and there was time remaining after The End to slip in a little bit of our very own Frogs’ UFO Crash. Anybody back-engineer that damn thing yet? NASA could really use one…

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Patty Peterson came by to talk about her upcoming show opening for David Sanborn and Brian Culberton. We also listened to a couple of cuts from her upcoming CD release. Also on tap: tunes from The Mark Masters Ensemble, Jimmy Smith, Ahmad Jamal, Yusef Lateef, Kenny Burrell, Art Blakey, and David Sanborn.

Greg and Ian fly the Jet this week!

Musical Olympic closing ceremony revisionism and congrats to the winners, a chat with Greg Schaefer from GST on this weekend’s “Rhythmically Speaking” dance performance at The Southern.

8/16 in a nutshell…

This week’s “Ooh” (“Opening Oldies Hour”) featured a Monkey Mix, a couple of Jamaican Independence songs, a preview of this week’s James Bond-themed 4(+1)@4, and Owen Gray mashin’ it! Among other things. Sherwood got into one of the far-outest Quincy Jones compositions imaginable, from the three-artist “Journey to Next” cd (works by Q.J., as well as Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Carter) issued on Lightyear. Also heard: the new posthumous Tokyo Jihen song from last week got reprised, among other things_ such as Steve Turre’s 12+min. epic “The Emperor”. In the Untitled Hour 3 (UH3? ‘Til I come up sith something better… ), after the aforementioned Bond 4(+1), John Shroeder gave us our weekly helping of “Phoenix City” in GotchaSKAvered.