10/18 in a nutshell…

Starting again in the Home Stretch, our old friend Pachito (“Latin Goes Ska”) followed The Skatalites into the studio for the Island Jamaica Jazz remake that turns up on the Ball of Fire cd. That kicks off an all-Island Jamaica Jazz-label set that took us up to just past 5, in time for an unusual 5@5:05… late-period 2Tone-label punk funk, rap and disco featuring The Apollinaires, The Higsons, Special AKA with Rhoda Dakar, The Friday Club and some outfit called JB’s Allstars! (Actually, that’s drummer John Bradbury after stepping out from The Specials.) A good wacky vibe took over in the runup to 6am… songs like “Kid-Nap, the Dreamer”, “One-Eyed Lodger” and “The Nurse” figure into the mix. Sherwood peppered his middle segment with a few recent Latin big-band stretch-outs including Clare Fischer’s 9:40 orchestration of Cal Tjader’s “Guarabe”, and this week’s Planet opened and closed with a dose of Shiina Ringo. Are you feelin’ a change in the air? The “Ooh” featured back-to-back Jamaica Skas. What more could you ask? Glad you asked. Howzabout Buster’s All Stars and all their Mules? I count at least eight… enough to make a train!

Opening with a reggae-flava set… adding more tastes of Lila Downs, performing this evening at the Ordway in St. Paul. Touching down in Brazil and reviewing African songbird, Dobet Gnahore’ in review of her visit this week at the Dakota.

Tribute to John Tchicai (1936-2012)

Butch Thompson stopped by to talk about his upcoming CD Release Celebration at the Landmark Center. The CD is by Butch and guitarist Pat Donahue. Also played Stardust, by Doc Cheatham and nNicholas Payton, on which Butch played. I also played classic tracks by Charlie Rouse, Sonny Stitt, and Thelonious Monk, as well as newer music from Monty Alexander, Tianna Hall, Augie, and Maryann Sullivan. The 45 single of the week was Hambi Nava by Cannonball Adderley.

Seduction Part 1. Once you hear this, you’ll never be the same!

10/11 in a nutshell…

Working our way back from the Home Stretch again, GotchaSKAvered featured another live Skatalites take of Latin Goes Ska (“Pachito E Che”)… this time from the Teatro Armenio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the concert that became “In Orbit vol. 1” as released by Grover. The 5@5:05 (these things tend to kick off at 5 past, so I’m just gonna run with it) was all about the ska puns_ from Skaravan Petrol to Skaramouche and beyond, “ska” finds itself part of a larger word in these song titles, most of which come from the original Jamaican ska era (the odd one out in that regard being “Skaravan Petrol” by Giuliano Palma’s pre-Bluebeaters outfit Casino Royale. Also heard: original-era ska dude Jimmy Cliff’s alt take of his new 21st-century ska classic “One More”, sandwiched between The Slackers and TSPO. Sherwood could be heard relaxin’ with some epic-lengthers (Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly” clocking in at 11:16, f’rinstance) after trying out his Finnish-made rocket-powered surfboard… what a blast that was, to the tune of Rocket Motors’ “Man High”! Cozy & the Cap’n launched the “Ooh” with a typically splendiferous set of old-school ska’n‘bluebeat, from both inside and outside a’ Yard. Boogie!