On this week’s show Manuel and his Strings take a Latin Holiday, Tito Puente and his band do the Dance of the Headhunters, a guy named Richard Shores gets really, really Hysterical on a record called EMOTIONS, Daniele Patucchi has Sex with a Witch, and Jack Burger teaches you how to play the Bongos from a LP on a record label that even I have never heard of before.

8/30 in a nutshell…

Wotta show this week… our final 3-hour tour (the RSST 4-hour tour begins next week!!!) debuts a Don Drummond oldie, “The Rocket”, on these airwaves… and boy, does the mere existence of THAT ever explain a thing or two to me! See, our show’s theme, Tommy McCook’s “Rocket Ship”, has often been mis-credited to Drummond even though he neither wrote nor played any trombone on it. And I, silly me, have long wondered why! Of course, understandably, the titles “Rocket Ship” and “The Rocket” got taken for the same tune by a few labels outside of Jamaica (duh!), and now I’m bettin’ I’ll eventually find a copy of “The Rocket” erroneously credited to McCook! If I do, I’ll let you know. We also introduce your ears to three pre-2Tone cuts from ’78, including “Dance Dance”, a Plastic Bertrand number modeled on Prince Buster’s notorious “10 Commandments”. This after Byron Lee’s “Jamaica Ska” was presaged by R&Ber Marv Johnson’s sorta-similar-sounding “Come On and Stop”, a don’t-be-cheatin’ song addressing both partners. Sherwood saluted the newly-late Neil Armstrong, Drain style, with “A Bunch of Guys About to Turn Blue”… fly in peace, Neil. Artists debuting on SP this week included Brian Bennett, Godley & Creme, the Astro Age Steel Orchestra and Sandro Brugnolini. An all-Skapanese 4@4 led into a GotchaSKAvered rule loophole, as Roland Alphonso’s original “Phoenix City” is in fact a cover, however radically reworked, of Mongo Santamaria’s “Hammer Head”. Madness teamed up with Ian Dury for “Drip-Fed Fred”, and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s Saitama-fied “Walk Between Raindrops” led nicely into Steely Danner Donald Fagen’s “Wooooooooooooooh, Miami!” original. At least it wasn’t Tampa…

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I had two phone interviews today: the first with saxophonist David Sanborn, appearing at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center this evening; and the second with John Jorgenson, of the John Jorgenson Quintet and the Desert Rose Band, a country rock band appearing at the Dakota on Monday and Tuesday. There were also songs from Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Hank Crawford, and Gerry Mulligan, and well as new music from Kevin Coelho and Uli Geissendorfer.