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Drummer/multi-percussionist Babatunde Lea stopped by towards the end of the show to talk about his music, his show at the AQ and his background and inspirations. I also played music from Jimmy Smith, Lou Rawls, Hank Mobley, and Dizzy Gillespie, and Leon Thomas. New music included songs from Russ Nolan, Lee Smith, Kevin Mahagonny, Larry McDonough & Richard Terrill, and Butch Thompson & Pat Donahue. The 45 of the Week was from a Coleman Hawkins EP.

“Pledge Drive Extended Re-Mix” with Luke Andrews visiting our sound stage and helping Glen raise cash for the station.

10/4 in a nutshell…

The GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month Club Selection for October is Latin Goes Ska, which started out life in Mexico as “Pachito E Che”, a massive tune in the late ’40s for Perez Prado and Beny More, Cubans living in Mexico City at the time. It was The Skatalites in 1964 who cut the first ska version, retitling it “Latin Goes Ska”, and The Skatalites again who played the live version we hear here, from the expansive “Stretching Out” early ’80s reunion sessions on ROIR, the first version this dj ever heard. The 5@5 featured Beatles covers a la ska (but not frozen!), which was followed up with goodies from The Slackers, The Selecter, Proyecto Secreto and Runa Miyoshida from her Ska Flavor series of cd releases. Sherwood aired Hal Blaine’s psychedelically percussive October cut, “Inner Space” before unleashing the delightful Copter4016882 to flit around under the Starview Dome, mingling with floating skassengers, and if you looked thru the dome, you could see Capsule’s “Space Station no.9” whizzing by. Also in the house: YMCK, sandwiched between Cal Tjader and Tito Puente on the playlist! Ooooh, and in the “Ooh”, the Cap’n & Cozy featured a fabulous mix of original ska, rocksteady, 2Tone-era and lost-decade stuff. Jackie Opel, Byron Lee, The Renegades, Prince Buster and Plastic Bertrand (on a Buster riddim!) made an appearance. Ooooh!