3/22 in a nutshell…
Real gone, man! Plus a peppering of Ska-Like from the likes of Frankie Ford and Duke Ellington, some Caltone reissues, and an unannounced back-to-back comparison of pre-Wailers Marley (Do You Still Love Me) and Derrick Morgan’s strikingly similar-sounding take on “By The Light of the Silvery Moon”, title shortened to “The Moon”. Past the “Ooh”, Sherwood B. Funn fills the Zero-G with everyone from Terry Snyder to David Carroll, from Zavier Cugat to Milton Banana… and he can’t resist some Ska when it’s Giuliano Palma doing Bond… James Bond! A Mutant Frogs set makes up the 4(+1)@4, Billie Tam straight outa HK’s gotchaSKAllipopped, and the spirit of King Stitt (r.i.p., King, we’ll miss ya!) chimes in. The Big ‘C’ claimed him on Jan. 31st, and we’ll mount a proper tribute next week… stay tuned.

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A cross-section of jazz from the 20th & 21st Century today, from John Pattton, Arthur Prysock, Lester Young, Sonny Rollins, Miles, and Mingus, to newer music from The Jeff Hamilton Trio, Mike Longo, Halie Loren Gonzalo Rubulcaba, Gordon Johnson, Regina Carter, Roy Hargrove, and Nichola Miller.

music that’s new to us…

With guest stars Lalo Schifrin, Davie Allan, the Electronic Concept Orchestra, and with special guest star Claudine Longet as Pussy Willow. Tonight’s Episode: “Hey Girl, is that a 101 String Bikini that you’re wearing?”

March Madness!

3/15 in a nutshell…
We’re back, and glad to be welcoming you aboard! The “Ooh” went time-hopping, starting off with some ’60s instros with “Ska” in the title, and winding up with Dr. Buzzard associate Gichy Dan and his Beachwood #9 outfit, after a glitchy detour through 2Tone which was simply… madness. Suggs & crew’s Prince Buster cover simply wouldn’t play straight through no matter which deck we fed it into, so Georgie Fame’s mid-60s remake had to get the job done. But hey_ how ‘bout that Gichy Dan! Meanwhile in the “Voov”, Sherwood dropped a cool, laid-back MFSB cut bearing the oddly-Kraftwerkian sounding title “Human Machine” for openers. A “curveballs” set involving “not THOSE” Scorpions, Eagles, or Crystals kicked off with… not THAT Fela! A Lionel Hampton/Shiina Ringo DJ mix played us into the 4:00 hour where the 4(+1)-in-a-row set was titled “Bad Boys, Rudies & Miscreants”. GotchaSKAvered fed us our first Hungarian “Lollipop”, we went juggling with TSPO, and we dug some more Dan (Gichy, not Steely) before winding up with a Mutant Frogs set… Ribbit, ribbit!