Tonight’s concoction of an episode contains 1 part Spy Jazz, 1 part Music for the Criminal Element – otherwise known as Crime Jazz, 1 part stereo dynamica, 1 part Latin beats, and 2 parts weird – like in Pete Drake weird.

5/31 in a nutshell…

We’re clean outa fresh, unaired Lollies, so we recycled Flamingo Kvintetten’s “Lilla Raringen” and in June, the GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month Club tucks in the most-covered hit in ska history and bids it sweet dreams. The Club reprises the Don Drummond classic “Confucious” as the June cover subject. The 4@4 s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d o-u-t again, and let’s wind back the clock to the Sherwood hour… an ill-prepared Akira Ifukube/Masaru Sato (Godzilla composers) dual back-to-back birthday tribute resulted in NO Sato being played! Oooops!! Instead we got two Kan Ishii tracks from Gorath. We’ll try this again next week. Oh, well… that’s what happens when Sherwood attempts to prepare a show in the middle of a bugcrap cold-induced, sleepless daze. At least Mr. Funn DID finish with a flourish, banging out Mike Theodore’s “High on Mad Mountain” (all 8:15 worth!) comin’ straight outa Shiina Ringo’s answer to Sinatra’s “New York, New York” (“Kono yo no Kagiri” or, “The End of This World” ft. Junpei, her brother!) The “Ooh” featured lotsa stuff on Justin Yap’s Top Deck label. Yap was the other record producer at 13 Brentford Road a.k.a. Studio 1, and his sides are well-documented by an 8cd series of “Top Sounds from Top Deck” volumes that are an essential part of your ska shelf. The Yap sessions yielded such classics of explosive ska energy as “Confucious”, “Smiling” and “Ska Down Jamaica Way”… Kaboom!!

Me And My Arrow

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Joined today by Marni Hochenberg who brough her bag of New Orleans music to talk about the French Quarter Festival in Louisiana that often gets overlooked by folks looking to have a good time.