Guys, Guns, Dolls and Danger – but not necessarily in that order.

8/9 in a nutshell…

Where were YOU in ’62? Jamaica just turned Big 5-0 this month, and we here at the RSST are celebrating in the “Ooh” with a set of mostly circa-1962 ska/boogie faves, including some songs about newly-gained independence, as well as two Jamaican Boogie era non-“My Boy” Lollipops (Hmmm… belated answer records to the influential 1956 Barbie Gaye 45 “My Boy Lollypop”? Jus’ askin… ) culminating in the 1st hour’s only 1964 track, Millie’s world-famous cover of Barbie. Other hour-1 highlights include Lloyd Clarke’s “Parapinto Boogie”, about a Jamaican dice game. But you knew that if you were paying attention: “You can throw twelve-eleven-five straight, but you can’t throw out… “ …In the “Voov” meanwhile, Sherwood got your ears on the first-ever posthumous debut of Tokyo Jihen… their upcoming b-sides anthology Shinya Waku contains the previously-unreleased song Tadanarafu “Tadanaranu Kankei” and weeeeeeee’re lovin’ it! Now, I’ve been wrong before and I could be wrong again, but I’ll betcha Shiina Ringo’s former crew have an entire album’s worth of fabulous old vault material waiting to be debuted… Anyway, next up, Senor Coconut, the genius behind the Kraftwerk-Goes-Latin album El Baile Aleman, related Deep Purple’s hard-rockin’ tale of the 1971 fire that burned down a legendary lakeshore casino/concert venue, interrupting Frank Zappa and his Mothers in live-performance (resulting in the live boots Swiss Cheese and Fire). The casino got rebuilt, and by 1975 resumed being, as it had been before, the home of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Also in Hour 2: Calypsonian Lord Kitchener’s salute to bebop, Earl “Fatha” Hines’ presciently-titled “The Web”, and more… including the Milton Banana Trio. In Hour 3, the Cap’n & Cozy “Ringrolled” you after Prince Buster’s “Phoenix City” got “GotchaSKAvered”, hot-on-the-heels of a modern-era, non-Yard 4@4… Coyabalites took us back to Jamaica, and from then it was JA ska oldies, including one about a “Trip to Mars” just for Curiosity’s sake, all the way to that “Froggie” bumper just before The End….. r-r-r-riddip!!

Opening with a taste of Oliver Mtukudzi, superstar from Zimbabwe who just played Loring Park last Monday, along with Amadou & Mariam who played The Cedar on Tuesday.  What a week !  And tonite, Wed. reggae star Ken Boothe plays the Epic downtown.  In the second hour I host a sweet interview with Mr. Ken Boothe, O.D from Jamaica.

See Play List Below.

Radio Duende (aka International Jazz Conspiracy)

New music today from Kevin Coelho, kevin Mahogany, Susan Arioli, Maryann Sullivan David Basse, Daniel McBrearty, JoAnn Funk, and Bill Cantrell. Classic sides from Oliver Nelson, Count Basie, Fats Waller, and Sonny Rollins. The 45 of the week: Cool Struttin’ Part 2, by Sonny Clark.

Tonight’s episode of Jet Set Planet (Friday Aug 3) features

*a guy who arrives to the party With Bells On (no kidding, Sid Bass really does)
*a horn player who puts out a record showcasing songs about booze
(yep, that would be Pete Condoli)
*a real stiff hack named Lester Lanin who wipes off the Lanicaine
long enough to prove he’s not completely comatose (yeah that’s HIM
doing that amazingly arranged version of Up, Up and Away)

Plus sleazy listening from the Mystic Moods Orchestra, Brian Auger,
Ramsey Lewis Trio, and Ekseption (making their debut on the program).