7/19 in a nutshell…

By way of commemorating the 43rd anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s small steps and Giant Leap for Mankind… oops, it’s the Apollo 13 of RSST outer space specials, and we were lucky to get back to Earth in one piece! We didn’t even manage to trigger our theme music until we were already 2 songs deep into the show… oh, well, lace up those Moon Boots (or should that be a sturdy pair of Docs?), ‘cuz it’s time for summa that olllll’ Moon Stompin’! Symarip indeed worked their way into our “Ooh” hour, as did Don Cosmic, the Skatalites, and “Col.” Ken Elliott & the Lunatics. Oh, and Bad Manners’ rare “Outer Space” version of “Ivor the Engine” as well. ‘Round Sherwood’s Planet, St. Francis of Hoboken flew us to the moon, The Peanuts were waiting there for us with shiny candy moons, and Drain introduced us to a buncha guys about to turn blue. An unplanned all-*“Froggie”* 4@4 led us to GotchaSKAvered… and to Buenos Aires, where the Skatalites uncorked a live “Ball of Fire” that appears on “In Orbit, vol. 1”. A live dub from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra helped us mark the passing of the hard-rockin’ Jon Lord (of Deep Purple) at 71. The big ‘C’ got ‘im. “Jon Lord (Live Dub)” appears on TSPO’s Full Tension Beaters. Rock In Peace, Jon.

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A band called Sleep Study rocked the evening away.  Your basic rock band, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and Virus.  (Yup!)

Luisa Maita (Brasil) & Johnny Clegg (So. Africa) visits reviewed along with some tracks from local artist, Mankwe’s brand new release.

Another day of just playing the blues………

music my mother listened to: celebrating the 104th anniversary of her birth – July 13, 1908