River See opens at The Pillsbury House tonight & runs through Sunday April 21st. http://pillsburyhouseandtheatre.org/river-see-april-11-21/
Set on a juking boat, with blueswomen, queers, deviants, and seers, River See is the prayer before the Great Migration. Using Black American rural southern tradition and an aesthetic steeped in jazz, River See brings people together to witness and create.This production features Sonja Parks and includes some of the Twin Cities most exciting multi-disciplinary performers: Aimee Bryant, Mankwe Ndosi, Leah Nelson, Kenna Cottman, and Truth Maze. Creator Sharon Bridgforth also appears onstage as she choreographs the words, sounds, movement, and singing live in front of the audience.
River See explores blues stories as living arrangements of jazz. The text serves as the score and structure for the improvisational process that births the performance.Through this process, occurring during the event between performers and audience, we become responsible to one another in the art of creating a piece about Love.

Episode #401 – Carol Chaos joins to ask for cash – The Spring Pledge Drive Part 2!

4/11 in a nutshell…

Kicking off this week’s “Ooh” in memory of Annette Funicello (10/22/42 – 4/8/13), the onetime Mouseketeer who introduced ska to the beaches of California (covering the very same song with which Byron Lee introduced it to New York City). Annette sings Lee’s “Jamaica Ska” twice… once in 1964, and once in 1987, the latter version backed by none other than Fishbone, as heard in the movie “Back to the Beach”. Also reprised is the steel drum version by West Side Symphony Steel Orchestra. Sherwood gets around to April’s “calendar album” tracks, the psychedelically percussive Hal Blaine’s “Hallucinations” and the equally trippy Emil Richards’ “Diamond”. Incidentally, Emil played on Hal’s album! Via YouTube, Mr. Funn visits Tiki Oasis 10 for a 9+min. “Quiet Village” jammed out (loud), birdcalls and all, by the Martini Kings. Listen for a nicely atmospheric transition into Shiina Ringo’s “Poltergeist”. In the Home Stretch, Rita Pavone GotusSKAvered with “Tu Sei Pallido”, a “Lollipop” by any other name, and a spicy one to boot. 5 Mutant Froggies starting at a wee bit past 5:05, some Toots, some Justin Hinds, some TSPO and some Jimmy Cliff later leads up to the wrap-up, and another safe, smooth transition to the Merry Band of Coffeemakers brewing up and serving up your Morning Blend. Tune in… and Stay Tuned!

Pledge Drive show…play list not available.

The Spring pledge drive edition of Rhythm and Grooves, featuring an interview with John Scofield, as well as tunes from Jack McDuff, Miles Davis, Kevin Mahogany, James Andrews, Anita O’Day, Ben Sidran and Susie Arioli. The 45 of the Week was Close Your Eyes, by the Roy Eldgridge/Benny Carter band.