Episode #395. Glen brings you the meaning of life through the eyes of Geoff Love and His Orchestra, special guest star William Windom, and Don Tiki. Also making her debut on the program: Truus – Exotica Artist from L.A.

(2/28 in a nutshell… )

Ooooh! This week, we’ve found the original version of a tune The Skatalites covered on a Studio 1 45. They called it “Beardman Ska”, and the original Ernie Freeman cut on Imperial was called “Live It Up”. We played ‘em back-to-back. Bob Andy (with an uncredited Marcia Griffiths) also turns up in Hour 1, as well as Peter Tosh (spelled “Touch” on the label), Joya Landis and a certain Vietnam All Stars headed up by Prince Buster. On Buster’s own label, “The Toughest” was an untitled “Instrumental” credited to Buster’s All Stars. As “The Toughest”, the record gets credited to Vietnam All Stars on Rio… and Studio 1? We’ll get back to you on that. Sherwood B. Funn reprises the mysterious Charlie’s charming “Hawaii Cha Cha”, and The Orb make their Planet debut with “Pomme Fritz (Meat and Veg)”. Out of character for The Orb, but it works well in Sherwood’s bag and is a fine, fun(n) piece of work, and followed up by Ken Nordine’s “Speck of Dust” from his second Grateful Dead Records release (we don’t have his first), Upper Limbo. Billie Tam kicks off The Home Stretch with her Boy Lollipop, the 5@5:05 is a numbers game, and Cultivator deliver up an 8+min. slab of dubbed-out ska called “Aka Hige Dub”, with Rude & Visser hot on their heels. Sound like your bag? Tune in (to the archives), and stay tuned!

Three songs from Lila Downs, returning to U of M – @ Ted Mann, Mar. 10. Sabor de Cuba tambien. In the 2nd hour — Afro Beat rules !

Great interview with harmonica man Kim Wilson at the top of the show. Look for it on line at: www.kfai.org/rollin&tumblin
From about 4:05pm to 4:30pm. See play list below.